deTAGtive Logistics

Smart technology that keeps an eye on your freight


Attach the TAGs and TAG Finders, download the mobile app and web application – you can use deTAGtive on your smart device and PC.


deTAGtive logistics is based on TAGs with intelligent sensors that can be configured and used for a wide range of applications.


deTAGtive logistics guarantees transparent logistics processes. Cut your administrative costs, save time and money.

Keep up to date with deTAGtive logistics

Do you want to optimize commodity flows, monitor sensitive freight, prevent damage during transport or understand the causes, then deTAGtive logistics is the right solution. The system was developed by OPENMATICS, the connectivity expert of ZF Services. Its central elements are TAGs which you can use to constantly identify and locate your goods, ensure their correct handling and check they comply with freight conditions.

How it works

The deTAGtive solution

deTAGtive logistics was specifically developed for transport and logistics companies. You can track and monitor the transport of goods globally with this system - thanks to wireless Bluetooth Smart technology and without any expensive accessories.

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TAGs and Finders

The deTAGtive hardware

Small, unobtrusive and powerful: the deTAGtive logistics TAGs. The Bluetooth Smart devices gather locally on the freight any position and environmental data you need.

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The deTAGtive cost advantages

Cut your administrative costs. Reduce your paperwork. Save time and money with transparent logistics processes. deTAGtive logistics pays off for your company. And even more so as the setting and running costs of the system are low.

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Web application & App

The deTAGtive software

No expensive accessories are needed to use deTAGtive logistics. To communicate with the TAGs, simply download the mobile app onto conventional tablets. In the office, you can use deTAGtive via a web application installed on the computer.

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